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at the Quarry Centre, Kilndown on Monday 10 August 2015 at 7.30 pm

PRESENT:   Councillors Antony Harris (Chairman), Mrs Angela Broom, David Boniface, Alan Foster, Philip Kirkby, Tom Malt, Barry Noakes, Guy Sutton and Stephen Wickham.

                     3 Members of the Public for item 136/15.



133/15    Were accepted from Cllrs Mrs Carol Ash (holiday), Sean Gilder (business) and Mrs Georgia Read Cutting (holiday). Also County Cllr Alex King.


134/15    The Chairman reminded Members of their responsibility to declare any Declarations of Interest on Agenda items for this meeting and any changes to their Register of Interest Declarations.


135/15    It was resolved that the Minutes of the meeting held on 13 July 2015, copies of which had been previously distributed to Members, be signed as a correct record.


136/15    Mrs Barbara Stafford asked what action the Council had taken concerning planning application 15/503109, an issue she raised at Council on 13 July. The Chairman confirmed that he intends to raise the matter at the next TWBC Parish Chairmen’s Meeting on 01 September 2015.

137/15   Mrs Stafford read a prepared statement questioning Council’s lack of action in replacing the History Board which had stood at The Plain since July 2000 and had blown down into the Pond during a storm in March 2012. She had raised the subject on several occasions since then. Council agreed that progress had been slow for two main reasons: Firstly, the plans to clear the Pond of silt (which Council considered should have prior attention) had been delayed through matters beyond Council’s control. Secondly, Mr Robin Stafford’s claim to copyright of the whole existing text was an obstacle to the design of a replacement board with wider information which would require a blank page approach. Council indicated that the matter will be referred to the Amenities Committee for further review and a possible contact with Mr Stafford for clarification.


Post meeting Cllr Alex King had sent an e-mail report:

138/15    B2079 Bedgebury Road and Lady Oak Lane reduction in speed limits: KCC has had 3 Member Highways Fund engineers in quick succession! The new appointees start next week and I have already chased this project at various levels and will do so again.


The Chairman of the Amenities Committee reported on a Committee meeting held on 28 July 2015:

139/15    Balcombes Hill Car Park – Transfer of Ownership.   It was noted that the legal arrangements are being satisfactorily progressed by Council’s legal adviser (Mrs Corinne Browne).

140/15    Balcombes Hill Car Park – Recycling Bins. It was noted that Mrs Browne has reported that TWBC has agreed to transfer the whole of the land covered by the car park and the lavatory block to GPC.   The 9m x 5m area on which 5 recycling containers for glass stand will then be leased back to TWBC at a peppercorn rent.

141/15    Balcombes Hill Car Park – Buses turning. It was noted that the Amenities Committee has asked the Clerk to contact Nu-Venture, the operator of the 26 and 27 bus routes from Maidstone, to discuss the arrangements for the turning of the buses on the car park. The aim is to establish a relationship so that there are no difficulties in the future.

142/15    Balcombes Hill Car Park – Resurfacing and White Lining. It was noted that the Chairman of the Amenities Committee and Clerk have met on site 5 contractors who have been invited to advise and submit quotations.

143/15    Goudhurst Public Lavatories at Balcombes Hill – Transfer of Ownership.   See Minute 140/15. It was noted that TWBC has promised a meeting at which various departments at TWBC will brief us on a varied list of issues; Council awaits a date for the promised meeting.

144/15    Legal issues relating to the transfer of the Chequer Field freehold to the Parish Council. Minute 076/15 refers. To note that the digital mapping survey based on the Chequer Field fencing has revealed a number of discrepancies when compared with the Land Registry plans. There is a particularly significant parcel of land in the south west corner which has not been included in TWBC’s compulsory purchase. The Chairman, Chairman of the Amenities Committee and the Clerk met with the Property and Development Manager and Solicitor Team Leader (Property and Regeneration) of TWBC at the Town Hall on 03 July. Adverse possession is not an option and is ruled out in the view of Buss Murton. Council awaits TWBC solutions and the transfer of the title of the land to GPC is left pending.

145/15    Chequer Field – Condition of the Pitch. There are issues with the condition of the football pitch, particularly at the southern end. During the 2014/15 winter several GUFC matches had to be cancelled when the south end of the pitch was waterlogged. Amenities Committee has learned that this may be due to the lack of proper drainage at the south end and it is alleged that, possibly due to cost cutting during construction, inappropriate material was used to construct the base of the pitch at the south end. It was resolved that Council writes to TWBC explaining the situation and to ask if they would look into the contract specification for the construction of the pitch and perhaps inform the builder of the problem (hopefully within any guarantee period).

146/15    Chequer FieldShed for GUFC kit. Following Minute 078/15. It was resolved to accept a quote of £450.00 to construct a concrete base slab adjacent to the Chequer Field pavilion. The shed is to be positioned so that, as far as possible, it will not be seen from adjacent dwellings.

147/15    Chequer Field – Leylandii Trees.   Following Minute 113/15. It was noted that the 12 Leylandii were felled on 08 August by Mr Jack Bateman..

148/15    Goudhurst & Kilndown CE Primary School use of Chequer Field. The school PTFA has applied for permission to hold a fireworks display on Chequer Field early in November 2015. The fireworks will be staged on Chequer Field but those attending will be gathered on the school’s playground and will not be on Chequer Field.   Insurance will be covered by the professional company that is organising the display. The show will last 15 minutes. It was noted that one local resident has lodged an objection on the basis that Chequer Field should only be used for sporting activities, but Members noted that the School does have a right to use the field.   Council is drawing up a Policy that will limit general public use of Chequer Field and that each case will be considered on a case by case basis. It was noted that the Glebe Field is now a Registered Village Green and is therefore generally available for a wide range of activities and events. It was resolved unanimously to approve the PTFA application for the fireworks event in November 2015.

148/15    Glebe Field.   It was noted that the Clerk had telephoned the Diocesan Land Agent on 24 July as a follow up to the meeting with him held in Goudhurst on 20 May 2015. It was evident that Mr Boulden has yet to prepare a draft lease for consideration by the Parish Council the terms of which were broadly similar to those agreed verbally 2 years ago.

149/15    Lurkins Rise Recreation Area.   It was noted that the replacement main vehicle entrance gate and one gate post have been replaced. The Clerk has briefed Mr Pete Watkins to replace or repair the fencing at the east end of the field.. Meanwhile the problem raised by local residents of youths riding motor cycles on the ground has been passed to PCSO Dave Jenkins.

150/15    The Plain fence post – repair, replace and repaints.  Minute 087/15. A quote from one additional painter is awaited.. So far only one contractor can do both the post replacements and the painting. The Clerk will report further. Meanwhile it was noted that one of the posts at the entrance to the Parish Hall car park has been significantly damaged.

151/15    Quarry Centre Ownership. It was noted that Council will pay Buss Murton £50.00 to cover the cost of their initial searches. It was resolved that Council reconfirms that it will meet the Quarry Centre Management Committee’s costs relating to the setting up and registration of the new Trust Deed and the transfer of the title to the new Quarry Centre Trust. Minutes 242/13, 184/13 and 312/12 refer.

152/15    Goudhurst in Bloom 2015. It was noted that the judging took place on 07 July. There has been an increase in the number of participants.   The prize giving will be held at the Star and Eagle in Goudhurst on 27 August at 6.30pm. It was noted that Mrs Veronica Knight has kindly offered to donate a new cup for an additional classification (rural and cottage gardens). This offer was received with enthusiasm and Cllr Mrs Broom will deal with the details with Mrs Knight. Members made a point of thanking Cllr Mrs Broom for having organised the event again so successfully.

153/15    TWBC Love where you Live. It was noted that the Amenities Committee agreed, due to the approaching deadline, to submit one name for consideration this year. Resolved that the nomination to TWBC should stand.

154/15    Kilndown Red Phone Box.   It was noted that Cllr Mrs Georgia Reed-Cutting has submitted a costed proposal to establish a defibrillator in the phone box. There could be a local fundraising campaign in Kilndown and, with Council’s agreement; donations can be paid to a ring-fenced Parish Council account. Any shortfall in fundraising might be made up by Council. This proposal has the support of Amenities Committee and it was resolved that Council approves the project in principle but would like the alternative site of Kilndown Village Hall for the defibrillator to be evaluated (though the Phone Box was considered the preferred location).

155/15    Millennium Bench in Goudhurst High St. Mr Robin Chiles of Mounts Hill Woodcraft and Design Ltd who donated the bench in 2000 has, at the request of Mrs Marian Sargeant, carried out some maintenance and repairs at his own cost.   The Clerk will write to thank him. Mr Chiles has suggested some volunteers be sought to apply preservative to the various benches and notice boards around the Parish. He will provide the materials. The view of some Members was that quality control of some volunteers might be an issue and it might be better to employ a contractor.   Meanwhile it was noted that Council only has responsibility for a few benches; most are privately owned.   Resolved: that the project be considered further by the Amenities Committee.

156/15    Goudhurst Farmers Club. It was noted that Mr Alan Wickham has written to Council to announce that this organisation is being wound up after some 70 years. They wish to donate approximately £2,000 to the Parish Council “to be put towards a specific project preferably agriculturally or horticulturally orientated rather than used piece meal for various requirements within the Council”.   Amenities Committee recommends to Council that, subject to the Farmers Club agreement, the offer be divided between the project to repair and re-establish the weather vane on the Parish Hall roof and the Goudhurst Scouts Group fund for the extension to the Scout Hut. Resolved: to accept the Amenities Committee proposal and the Clerk is to contact the Goudhurst Farmers Club accordingly.

157/15    Goudhurst Pond Fountain. It was noted that this has been shut off for the time being as the level of water in the pond has fallen. There is a danger that the pump will burn out. However the Amenities Committee will, because of water quality concerns, look into the possibility of moving the Fountain to deeper water.

158/15    Kent Men of the Trees. Noted that the judge for this year’s competition had visited the Parish on 31 July and had been conducted on a tour by Cllrs Stephen Wickham, Mrs Carol Ash, Mrs Angela Broom, Alan Foster and the Clerk.



159/15    Burial Board Regulation effective from 01 September 2015s. It was resolved to amend the first sentence of paragraph 9 to read: “Cremated remains for interment must be placed in a wooden or biodegradable container or interred loose at a depth of not less than 2ft.” “The scattering of cremated remains over the ground is not permitted.”

160/15    Burial Board Fees effective 01 September 2015 for a period on 1 year.

It was resolved that the Fees and Charges from 01 September 2015 for a period of 1 year shall be unchanged from 2014/15:

Graves:                Exclusive right of burial in an earthen grave     no change  at          £400.00

Interment                                                        no change  at           £150.00

Approval of Monuments                                  no change  at          £110.00

Additional inscription                                      no change  at          £110.00

Ashes:                 Exclusive right of burial in the ashes section    no change  at          £300.00

Interment                                                        no change  at           £150.00

Approval of Memorial Tablets                         no change  at          £110.00

Additional inscription                                      no change  at          £110.00

Registration of Change of Ownership                                          no change at            £30.00

161/15    Christ Church Kilndown Churchyard trees. It was noted that Council has received a complaint that the promised and planned reduction of certain trees has not been carried out. It was resolved to approve the Burial Board recommendation that the Clerk be instructed to write to the former Chairman of the Burial Board to inform him that the Clerk has been instructed to get the job done.

162/15    Flood Lights at St Mary’s Church. It was noted that the PCC project to replace and upgrade the floodlights has the support of the Burial Board. Resolved that Council supports this project in principle and in certain circumstances might provide financial support as a benefit to the community as a whole (e.g. Including improved lighting on the much used Footpath WC31 on the north side of the Church) and to encourage visitors. Our ancient Church on the hill is a village landmark and should be lit accordingly.


163/15    Mapping. It was noted that Council now has access to comprehensive mapping to assist with the work of the Council.


164/15    Family Fun Days. It was noted that the Chairman of the Youth Committee still hopes it may be possible to launch Family Fun Days at both Goudhurst and Kilndown this summer through Premier Sports. Resolved: to agree expenditure of £250.00 to both Goudhurst and Kilndown for these events this year. In 2016 and with early planning Chairman Youth Committee should be able to organise these events better perhaps with the help of the PTFA.

165/15    Chequer Field – Youth Football.   Noted that using delegated expenditure the Youth Committee has authorised expenditure of £85.00 for the marking out of a junior pitch (in blue). Resolved: to agree further expenditure of up to £200.00 for re-marking as required.

166/15    Kilndown Millennium Green – Football goals. It was noted that a Kilndown local resident had attended part of the Youth Committee meeting on 23 July with the request that goal posts be erected on the Green. However, this is a matter for the Millennium Green Trust who, on being approached by the Chairman of the Youth Committee, agreed to have one goal erected.


It was resolved to note the following Decisions from TWBC and agree the Representations:

167/15    DECISIONS

15/504730       Fir Bank School Road Goudhurst

Demolition of existing bungalow and erection of replacement dwelling with addition of subterranean level and integrated garage.


15/504460       Land adjacent 3 Beresford Close Kilndown

Erection of a chalet style dwelling with associated hard and soft landscaping. Relocation of vehicle access to that approved under TW/13/03566 – (revision to previously refused scheme 15/500540)


15.504404       Elm Tree Summerhill Goudhurst

Variation of Condition 4 of 14/505086 (Demolition of existing bungalow and erection of replacement dwelling house) to omit reference to Classes C, D and E


15/503772       Wynsdale Chicks Lane Kilndown

Erection of an oak framed single car garage, conversion of an existing integral garage to a bedroom extension with en-suite bathroom


15/503109       Middle Cottage North Road Goudhurst

Oak framed orangery extension to rear


15/503111       Middle Cottage North Road Goudhurst

Listed Building Consent: Oak framed orangery extension to rear


15/502076       Five Ash Down Garage London Road Flimwell

Construction of a first floor flat including a small extension to the roof


15/505703       Park Farm Cottage Colliers Green Road Goudhurst

Separation of existing detached residential annexe from the main property to form a new separate residential dwelling


168/15    APPLICATIONS considered by the Parish Council Planning Committee in July 2015:

15/503275       Shearnfold Oast Church Road Kilndown

Proposed dwelling and cart lodge (amendment to plans previously approved under planning application 12/01997). Note: this application had been considered by this Committee on 29 June 2015 but since missing plans had subsequently been made available, Goudhurst Parish Council decided to consider the application again.

Recommend refusal

Whereas the permission granted under 12/01997 was for one dwelling and an annexe on the site, it is now evident that the applicant intends that there should be two separate dwellings on the site. Goudhurst Parish Council is concerned that the 2 separate dwellings which will require additional vehicle parking and turning space may not be adequately accommodated without encroaching beyond the established limits to build and thus impacting on the AONB, and the amenity of neighbours.

Committee, unless Officers are minded to refuse.

15/504019       Whitestocks House Bedgebury Road Goudhurst

Demolition of outbuilding and erection of a summer house/garden room

Recommend approval.

This modest proposal will have minimal impact on the locality or the AONB. Sage is a suitable colour for the proposed new structure. .

15/504187       The Green Cross Inn Station Road Goudhurst

Close existing fire exit and replace with proposed alternative. Renew bay windows and existing window to match

Recommend approval.

The proposals are relatively minor necessary improvements which will have minimal impact on the locality or AONB

15/504831       Bethany School Jarvis Lane Goudhurst

Minor Material amendment to previously approved scheme 15/502607/FUL for erection of a new residential 6th form building (changes to roof and window materials).

Recommend approval

The proposed change of roof material from zinc to man made slate is an improvement. Goudhurst Parish Council (GPC) has no objection to the proposed window materials. GPC notes that the building in question is largely hidden from general view so that there will be minimal impact on the locality or AONB.

15/504883       Chequer Tree Farm House Mile Lane Goudhurst

Erection of a single storey rear extension with a roof lantern. Alterations to fenestration.

Recommend refusal

From the submitted plans Goudhurst Parish Council believes that that the proposed design is not in keeping and is inappropriate for this period dwelling.

15/504901       Hammonds Farm Smiths Lane Goudhurst

Advertisement consent for 1 free standing directional sign

Recommend approval

A relatively unobtrusive sign of modest dimensions. Goudhurst Parish Council (GPC) recommends approval providing it is in line with policy which GPC believes it is. GPC believes it is important not to deter local business.

15/505029       Chequer Tree Farm House Mile Lane Goudhurst

Erection of a single storey rear extension with a roof lantern. Alterations to fenestration

Recommend refusal

From the submitted plans Goudhurst Parish Council believes that that the proposed design is not in keeping and inappropriate for this period dwelling.

15/505110       Stream Farm House Summerhill Goudhurst

Listed Building Consent: Conversion of existing walk-in wardrobe to provide an en-suite bathroom

Recommend approval

Goudhurst Parish Council has no objection. Conservation Officer to decide on the merits of the application.

15/505298       The Barn Flimwell House Farm London Road Flimwell

Variation of Condition (2) of planning permission TW/96/02063/FUL for retrospective change of use of agricultural barn to B1 light industrial use. No material shall be burnt on site except natural timber within the wood burning stove shown on drawing no SP0005.02 (as proposed)

Recommend approval

Goudhurst Parish Council is content that this application is approved thus providing local employment opportunities. The condition relating to only burning natural wood in the stove is appropriate.

15/504550       Goudhurst Service Station Station Road Goudhurst

Demolition of existing Service Station and outbuildings. Erection of 6 detached dwellings with associated access, parking and landscaping

Recommend refusal

Goudhurst Parish Council understands that these premises must be offered for sale for business use, before the proposed scheme can be given consideration.   It has been reported that at least 2 offers have been made to take over the premises for commercial use, but that these offers have not been considered.

In addition there seem to be other reasons why the application should be refused:

  • Being some 1500 metres from the village centre and not safely accessible on foot, due to lack of footway, the location is regarded as unsustainable;
  • The mix of house sizes does not accord with TWBC policy;
  • The plot sizes seem small for the intended house sizes;
  • The proposed site boundary includes a large parcel of agricultural land which cannot be regarded as ‘brown field’; and if put to the proposed use could cause considerable nuisance to neighbours, one of whom runs a bed & breakfast business.

Committee, if officers are minded to approve.

15/504406       Stonecrouch Farmhouse London Road Flimwell

Erection of a two bay timber garage

Recommend approval

A suitable proposal in this sensitive curtilage; subject to Highways being satisfied that there remains sufficient space for vehicles to turn on site, Goudhurst Parish Council is content that the application is approved.

15/504407       Stonecrouch Farmhouse London Road Flimwell

Listed Building Consent: Erection of a two bay timber garage

Recommend approval

A suitable proposal in this sensitive curtilage; subject to Highways being satisfied that there remains sufficient space for vehicles to turn on site, Goudhurst Parish Council is content that the application is approved.

15/504755       Former Little Chef London Road Flimwell

Retrospective application for the erection of a 1.8m high safety security fence to new shed sales area reduced from existing car sales facility (both in sui generis use)

Recommend approval

Goudhurst Parish Council believes that the unattractive wire mesh fence should screened by hedging in this prominent AONB location.

15/504941       Marlingate Granary Bedgebury Road Goudhurst

Change of use of granary to residential dwelling

Recommend approval

Goudhurst Parish Council believes that the agent has made a convincing case for the use of the building not to be restricted to holiday lets.

15/505259       West House West Road Goudhurst

LBC – Alterations to kitchen store. Repair work to existing timber beam adjacent to upper staircase. Addition to trap door cover over cellar steps for safety of the inhabitant of the house. Removal of carpets to expose the original floor boards. Chimney repair and preservation work.

Recommend approval

Subject to the views of the Conservation Officer, Goudhurst Parish Council is content that the application is approved.

15/505267       Barn Hillside Farm Kilndown

LBC – Replacement of the multi-paned window with an oak framed window to match the other approved windows in the annexe

Recommend approval

Subject to the views of the Conservation Officer, Goudhurst Parish Council is content that the application is approved.

15/505309       Ladham House Ladham Road Goudhurst

Extension to existing garages incorporating rooflights

Recommend approval

This proposal will have minimal additional impact on the site. the AONB, or the important listed host building.

15/505559       Hope Mill Cottage Station Road Goudhurst

Erection of single storey rear extension to existing house and extension to existing single storey rear extension

Recommend approval

A modest proposal which will have minimal impact on the neighbours and the AONB


15/504730       Fir Bank School Road Goudhurst

Demolition of existing bungalow and erection of replacement dwelling with addition of subterranean level and integrated garage

Recommend approval

Subject to officers being satisfied that the siting of the heat pump and the possible overlooking of neighbouring properties will be dealt with by conditions, Goudhurst Parish Council is content that the application is approved, but still wonders whether the urbanisation cited in the previous grounds for refusal has been adequately addressed.


169/18             TWBC Planning Training. Noted that Cllr Mrs Georgia Read-Cutting and the Clerk had attended a Town Hall Planning Training session on 23 July 2015.

170/15             Police & Crime Commissioner, Kent Police Chief Constable and Kent Presentation on Defibrillators. At Staplehurst on 23 September.  .

171/15             KALC Chairmanship Workshop and Training Modules. At Folkestone on 22 September. The Chairman will attend.

172/15             Action with Communities in Rural Kent – AwCiRK. Rural Affordable Housing as Community Land Trusts. At Lenham on 18 September.   Cllr Mrs Ash to attend and probably the Clerk also.


173/15    It was resolved unanimously that the following payments be made:

3647    AVB Farnfield                                      July 15 pay and expenses                                      £1,359.09

3648    HM Revenue & Customs                      July 15 PAYE and NI                                               £453.87

3649    Groundscare & General Services           St Mary’s mowing contract July 15                       £2,280.00

3650    Capel Groundcare                                 Contract mowing at Goudhurst and Kilndown July    £730.50

3651    Pearsons Landscapes                            The Plain grounds maint Jun                                      £69.90

3652    Microshade Business Consultant           Citric Inv 8390                                                          £51.60

3653    Mrs Marian Sargeant                            Planting at St Mary’s                                                 £24.00

3654    Lamberhurst Engineering                     Replacement mower Quarry Pond                            £580.00

3655    Paul and Eileen Landon                        Water trough planting in June                                    £45.00

3656    RV Stedman Pest Control                     Chequer Field moles eradication                                 £90.00

3657    PCC Goudhurst                                     Meeting room at St Mary’s x 3 occasions                  £42.00

3658    Jack Bateman                                       Chequer Field Leylandii felling                                 £680.00

3659    Buss Murton Law                                 Funds on account – Quarry Centre project                 £50.00

DDR    BT                                                       Office phone                                                            £146.51

DDR    Veolia                                                  Burial Grounds bin July 15                                        £144.54

174/15    Receipts in July 2015

Burial Board                                                                         £630.00

Goudhurst United FC – use of Chequer Field                         £285.00

NatWest: Interest June 2015                                                    £2.94

175/15   Bank reconciliation to end July 15. Noted that Council’s cash book balances total £86,179.10

DATE OF NEXT MEETINGS                                                                          

176/15    Monday 14 September 2015 Parish Council Meeting. 7.30 pm at the Jessel Room

The Meeting closed at 9.23 pm

These Minutes are subject to approval at the next meeting of Council

Clerk to the Parish Council

Anthony Farnfield MBE

copyright © 2015 Goudhurst Parish Council