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at the Jessel Room, Goudhurst Parish Hall on Monday 14 September 2015 at 7.30 pm


PRESENT:   Councillors Antony Harris (Chairman), Mrs Carol Ash, Mrs Angela Broom, David Boniface, Alan Foster, Sean Gilder, Philip Kirkby, Barry Noakes, Mrs Georgia Read-Cutting, Guy Sutton and Stephen Wickham.

Mr Peter Rolington (Adviser to Police and Neighbourhood Watch Cttee) until 7.55pm.



177/15    Were accepted from Cllr Tom Malt (business). Also County Cllr Alex King.



178/15    The Chairman reminded Members of their responsibility to declare any Declarations of Interest on Agenda items for this meeting and any changes to their Register of Interest Declarations.



179/15    It was resolved that the Minutes of the meeting held on 10 August 2015, copies of which had been previously distributed to Members, be signed as a correct record.



180/15    There were none.



181/15    B2079 Bedgebury Road and Lady Oak Lane reduction in speed limits: The new Member Highways Fund engineer for Goudhurst Has been appointed.   Council has been assured that the B2079 scheme will now be taken forward.



The Chairman of the Amenities Committee reported:

182/15    Balcombes Hill Car Park – Resurfacing and White Lining. It was noted that Council has now received 5 quotes for the specified work and these will be evaluated shortly.

183/15    Goudhurst Public Lavatories at Balcombes Hill and the Car Park – Transfer of Ownership.   It was noted that Cllrs Antony Harris and Stephen Wickham with the Clerk will meet TWBC Officer on 29 September at the Town Hall to be briefed in detail on the running of these facilities.

184/15    Chequer FieldShed for GUFC kit. Following Minute 146/15. It was noted that the concrete base for the shed was laid on 14 September adjacent to the Chequer Field pavilion. The shed will be delivered on 21 September 2015..

185/15    Glebe Field.   Minute 148/15. It was noted that there has been no progress on the lease agreement following the Clerk’s telephone call to the Diocesan Land Agent on 24 July 2015. It was agreed that the Clerk will approach Rev Hugh Nelson for advice on the best way to proceed.

186/15    Lurkins Rise Recreation Area.   It was noted that Mr Pete Watkins has replaced the fencing in the gap at the east end of the field.

187/15    Goudhurst in Bloom 2015. It was noted that the well attended prize giving was held at the Star and Eagle in Goudhurst on 27 August.

188/15    Defibrillator at Kilndown. Following Minute 154/15. Cllr Mrs Georgia Reed-Cutting reported that she has been carrying out further research. She has registered with www.communityheartbeat who have been very positive and supportive. Community involvement and training is essential for the on-going success of the project. This will be progressed through the Amenities Committee.



The Chairman of the Highways & Footpaths Committee reported on a Committee meeting held on 25 August 15:

189/15    Footpath WC13 at Swan Lane: Noted that, following a site meeting on 24 August of Cllr Boniface and the Clerk with Jonathan Bibby, the KCC PROW Officer, it was likely that the steps would be rebuilt as part of the KCC capital projects budget. Mr Bibby will action.

190/15    Footpath WC32 Back Lane to Tiddymotts Lane. Noted that a site meeting had been held between Cllr Boniface and the Clerk with Jonathan Bibby the KCC PROW Officer on 24 August. It was agreed that KCC would put in hand remedial works including levelled sections at the top end of the stone steps, a replacement handrail and clearing of the line of the path on the ‘triangle’ between Tiddymotts Lane and Maypole Lane with improved waymarking.

191/15    Vegetation growth on the proposed footway on the south side of Station Road, Goudhurst. Agreed to carry out a cut using H&F budget. This to include cutting back the hedge where it has grown out over the verge and a trim of the verge to facilitate walking. Being Kent Highways land, The Clerk will obtain agreement to carry out this work.

192/15    Goudhurst Inn: parking on Chequers Road and Cranbrook Road. Noted that Cllr Boniface had met with Helen Turner of the Goudhurst Inn. Mrs Turner had agreed that parking on Chequers Road was dangerous due to risk of blocking the junction with the A262 and she said that she has plans for staff to park elsewhere. Customers parking could not be controlled and occasionally took place along the A262. Mrs Turner wants to find a plot of land nearby which could serve as an overflow car park

193/15    B2079 Bedgebury Road and Lady Oak Lane Speed Restrictions. The further delay in implementing the speed restrictions was considered. Members agreed that it is ridiculous that KCC should want another engineer’s survey when the one that was carried out in 2012 could surely be re-used. Noted that the Clerk has put this re-use proposal to KCC, and we are waiting for a reply.

194/15    Beware Pedestrian signs on B2079 Bedgebury Road and Lady Oak Lane. Maps from Council’s new mapping system had been used to identify the proposed best locations:

–  Balcombes Hill southbound just north of the junction with Tiddymotts Lane;

–  Bedgebury Road northbound just before the junction with Maypole Lane;

–  Maypole Lane southbound just before the junction with Bedgebury Road.

–  Lady Oak Lane at the junction of Park Lane (National Cycle Route 18).

Cllr Boniface will to seek the opinion of the Bedgebury Road Residents Association on the last of these proposals.

195/15    Bethany School: traffic calming request. It was noted that Bethany School has submitted a request to the Parish Council for traffic calming measures to be introduced to facilitate crossing the busy road between the girls’ residence and the music school and the main campus. Council understands that the school is willing to cover the costs of either ‘raised platforms’ or interactive speed signs. It was noted that there had not yet been any formal communication with the affected Curtisden Green community which would be appropriate in due course. Cllr Boniface will discuss with the Clerk the best way to implement this proposal.

196/15    Dirty and Obscured road signs.   It was noted that the Clerk has ascertained that this is a Kent Highways responsibility but it appears to have been curtailed by budget cuts. The Clerk has been asked to follow up with Highways and he is doing so by reporting the worst cases through the KCC Highways website fault reporting system.

197/15    Speed Indicator Devices (SID): Resolved that Highways and Footpaths Committee will draw up a detailed plan with costs for the siting of the portable SID together with the changing of the batteries and for moving the device between locations. The target date for this is the Council meeting on 12 October 2015.

198/15    SatNav Signs on A262. Noted that Cllr Alan Foster had met on site with Tim Middleton of Kent Highways and had drawn up conclusions about the state of the various signs that are in place warning that long vehicles would have difficulty and should avoid the A262 at Goudhurst. The installation of SatNav warning signs for HGVs to warn them that they should not trust their SatNav when it suggests a route along the A262 is on hold however because the signs are not currently legal in England. The list of legal signs is being updated at the end of 2015. Council will wait to see if these signs appear on the list.

199/15    Parking in Goudhurst High St. It was noted that the Clerk had put Council’s interim proposals to the Senior Engineer of Parking Services at TWBC. The response identified a legal grey area in connection with the raised shared pedestrian/traffic areas on either side of the High Street and suggested that there could be difficulties in formally stating that parking was allowed on them.  Highways & Footpaths Committee is considering various proposals which will be bought to Council for approval.

200/15    TWBC draft Cycling Policy. It was noted that this is currently out to public consultation. Council has no plans for input to the consultation at present.

201/15    Hop Pickers Line. It was noted that a report on the route of the line’s remaining railway infrastructure through an archaeological study of the landscape is roughly halfway through and should be delivered as a report by the end of November 2015.

202/15    Kent Highways Seminar 09 November 2015. Cllr Alan Foster will attend to represent Goudhurst Parish Council.



203/15    It was resolved to re-activate the Police & Neighbourhood Watch Committee with the membership being Cllrs Phil Kirkby (Chairman), Mrs Carol Ash and Sean Gilder. Mr Peter Rolington is to be adviser to the Committee. Their first task will be to carry out a review of the current CCTV coverage in Goudhurst and to bring forward recommendations for upgrading the rather old and out dated equipment as well as the coverage at Goudhurst and Kilndown.



It was resolved to note the following Decisions from TWBC and agree the Representations:

204/15    DECISIONS

15/503919       Gore Court North Road Goudhurst

Extension to garage.


15/504187       The Green Cross Inn Station Road Goudhurst

Close existing fire exit and replace with proposed alternative. Renew bay windows and existing window to match


15/504019       Whitestocks House Bedgebury Road Goudhurst

Demolition of outbuilding and erection of a summer house/garden room


15/504941       Marlingate granary Bedgebury road Goudhurst

Change of use of granary to residential dwelling


15/504740       Finchurst Summerhill Goudhurst

Replacement double garage


15/504702       Steeple House Rogers Rough road Kilndown

Erection of two storey rear extension, first floor extension over existing side extension and single storey extension behind garage


15/504406       Stonecrouch Farmhouse London Road Flimwell

Erection of a two bay timber garage


15/504407       Stonecrouch Farmhouse London Road Flimwell

Listed Building Consent – Erection of a two bay timber garage

Withdrawn by applicant

15/505559       Hope Mill Cottage Station Road Goudhurst

Erection of single storey rear extension to existing house and extension to existing single storey rear extension


15/505298       The Barn Flimwell House Farm London Road Flimwell

Retrospective installation of flue and wood burner for heating purposes only


15/505110       Stream Farmhouse Summerhill Goudhurst

Listed Building Consent – conversion of existing walk-in wardrobe to provide an e-suite bathroom


15/505029       Chequer Tree Farmhouse Mile Lane Goudhurst

Listed Building Consent – Erection of a single storey rear extension with a roof lantern. Alterations to fenestration

Withdrawn by applicant

15/504883       Chequer Tree Farmhouse Mile Lane Goudhurst

Erection of a single storey rear extension with a roof lantern. Alterations to fenestration

Withdrawn by applicant

15/504831       Bethany School Jarvis Lane Goudhurst

Minor material amendment to previously approved scheme 15/502607 for erection of a new residential 6th form building (changes to roof and window materials)


15/504901       Hammonds Farm Smiths Lane Goudhurst

Advertisement consent for 2 free standing directional signs



205/15    APPLICATIONS considered by the Parish Council Planning Committee in August 2015:

15/506143       Glendoon Colliers Green Road Goudhurst

Change of use of pasture land to an outdoor riding arena 25 x 40 metres

Recommend approval

This proposal will have minimal impact on the location or the AONB.   As the applicant suggests, conditioning for their private use only seems appropriate.

15/506153       Bibury Riseden Goudhurst

Demolition of existing outbuildings; two storey rear extension with sun lounge, pitched roofs to replace flat roofs on existing rear first floor extensions including remodelling and renovation, porch, construction of garage and store block.

Recommend approval.

Subject to the volumetric increase of the additions to the house being acceptable, this proposal will have minimal impact on the location or the AONB in this rural setting. Replacing various outhouses with the proposed appropriate style garage and store is an improvement. Officers might consider conditioning the garage to be ancillary to the main building.

15/506433       Blackberry Cottage Rogers Rough Road Kilndown

Single storey Extension with cellar to side. Installation of two roof windows

Recommend approval

A modest and appropriate extension that will have minimal impact on the location or the AONB. Noted that the application has the support of local neighbours.

15/506436       Blackberry Cottage Rogers Rough Road Kilndown

LBC: Single storey Extension with cellar to side. Installation of two roof windows

Recommend approval

A modest and appropriate extension that will have minimal impact on the location or the AONB. Noted that the application has the support of local neighbours.

15/506609       Grove Place North Road Goudhurst

Erection of a two bay garage

Recommend approval

Appropriate style of building for the location that will have minimal impact of the location or the AONB

15/506700       Chestnuts Beresford Road Goudhurst

TPO application to 1 No. House Chestnut – Fell

Recommend approval

The Tree Officer’s report was noted. Goudhurst Parish Council recommends approval on the condition that the applicant complies with the requirements stated by the Tree Officer.


15/503275       Shearnfold Oast Church Road Kilndown

Proposed new dwelling to form a separate unit and shared cart lodge (amendment to plans previously approved under planning application reference 12/01997)

Recommend refusal

Goudhurst Parish Council notes that part of the proposed building is now confirmed (as suspected) to outside the LBD for which no justification has be presented. Furthermore it significantly overlooks and impacts on neighbouring properties to the north and south reducing privacy. The establishment of a second dwelling (contrary to the conditions for earlier approval) on the property seems not to have been addressed.

Committee if Officers are minded to approve.

15/502933       Combwell Priory London Road Flimwell

Change of use of land and buildings for a commercial equestrian centre

Recommend approval.

Goudhurst Parish Council’s previous representation on this application on 04 May 2015 still stands providing the application has the support of Highways.

15/504550       Goudhurst Service Station, Station Road Goudhurst

Amended application description: Demolition of existing service station,

outbuildings and dwelling and erection of 6 no detached dwellings with associated access, parking and landscaping

Noted – no response necessary


206/15    Planning: Relations between the Planning Authority and the Parishes. Following Minute 136/15. The Chairman reported on the TWBC Parish Chairmen’s Meeting held on 01 September when he and others indicated that they are unhappy with some of the decisions that have been made by the Planning Authority on listed building applications. It had been noted that on several occasions applications relating to Goudhurst and neighbouring parishes had been approved at TWBC despite strong local objections by the Parish Council. Other Parishes expressed similar sentiments and the collective view of the meeting was that there appears to be a disconnect between the Parishes and the Planning & Conservation Officers on some matters. It was agreed at the Parish Chairmen’s Meeting that TWBC Planning will organise a ‘workshop’ so that these matters can be aired and a better understanding reached.   However, it was acknowledged that whereas the Planning Authority is required by law to inform the Parishes of planning applications that have been made, the Planning Authority is only obliged to have regard to any comments. The Parishes are therefore faced with a challenge to ensure that Parish wishes prevail.


It was resolved that the Clerk will attend these training courses:

207/15    Code of Conduct Training. At Paddock Wood on 28 September 2015.

208/15    Using Social Media to improve your Council. At Ramsgate on 23 September 2015.

209/15    Writing Winning Grant Applications. At Rochester on 04 November 2015.

210/15    CiLCA Refresher. At Lenham on 06, 13 and 27 November 2015.



211/15    Resolved to agree payment of a fee of £112.00 per annum for Council to hold a licence to access OS Mapping.



212/15    It was resolved to accept the Council’s meeting dates for 2016 as drawn up by the Clerk.



213/15    It was resolved unanimously that the following payments be made:

DDR    Southern Electric                                 Chequer Field pavilion energy                                    £98.08

3660    AVB Farnfield                                      Aug 15 pay and expenses                                      £1,398.51

3661    HM Revenue & Customs                      Aug 15 PAYE and NI                                               £453.67

3662    Groundscare & General Services           St Mary’s mowing contract Aug 15                       £1,807.20

3663    Capel Groundcare                                 Contract mowing at Goudhurst and Kilndown Aug    £832.50

3664    Pearsons Landscapes                            The Plain grounds maint July – Inv 8                         £69.90

3665    Complete Weed Control (Kent)           Weed control – follow up application                      £288.00

3666    Peter Watkins                                      PROW and Christ Church Churchyard maint            £136.50

3667    Get Mapping                                        OS Licence Annual subscrip and registration fee       £158.40

3668    O Wileman                                          Plumbing repair at Chequer Field                                £60.00

3669    Chroma Vision                                     Investigating fault CCTV camera                             £288.00

3670    Kent Assoc Local Councils                   Chairmanship training 22 Sep                                    £72.00

3671    Kent Assoc Local Councils                   Code of Conduct Refresher                                         £72.00

3672    Tate Fencing                                        Fencing materials for Lurkins Rise                           £104.62

3673    Tate Fencing                                        Chequer Field shed                                                 £1,520.90

3674    AVB Farnfield                                      Reimburse Goudhurst in Bloom expenses                  £202.90

3675    Goudhurst Parish Hall                           Annual maintenance grant                                    £1,750.00

3676    Kilndown Village Hall                           Annual maintenance grant                                       £250.00

3677    Kilndown Quarry Centre                      Annual maintenance grant                                       £250.00

3678    Citizens Advice Bureau                         Annual grant 2015/16                                                              £350.00

3679    PCC Goudhurst                                     Pages taken in Parish Magazine 2015/16                 £450.00

3680    Kilndown Village Newsletter                 Grant contribution to costs                                        £50.00

3681    Goudhurst Parish Hall                           Energy for Pond fountain pump                               £200.00

3682    Goudhurst Parish Hall                           Use of CCTV monitor room + energy used there      £100.00

3683    Goudhurst Social Club (Ex-Servicemen’s)   Energy used for War Memorial lights                   £50.00

3684    The Poppy Appeal                              Goudhurst wreath for Remembrance (S137)                £25.00

3685    The Poppy Appeal                              Kilndown wreath for Remembrance (S137)                £25.00

3686    Pearsons Landscapes                            The Plain grounds maint Aug – Inv 46                       £69.90

3687    Microshade Business Consultants          Citrix Inv 8446                                                          £51.60

3688    Paul & Eileen Landon                          War Memorial Garden maint Aug                               £25.00

DDR    Veolia                                                  Burial Grounds bin August                                         £144.54


214/15    Cheques 3684 and 3685. Resolved that the Council in accordance with its powers under sections 137 and 139 of the Local Government Act 1972, should incur the following expenditure which, in the opinion of the Council, is in the interests of the inhabitants of the Parish of Goudhurst and will benefit them in a manner commensurate with the expenditure of £50.00 to purchase two poppy wreaths for the 2013 Remembrance Day services at St Mary’s Goudhurst and Christ Church Kilndown.


215/15    Receipts in August 2015

Burial Board                                                                         £250.00

Earth Anchors – refund PROW Marker posts                      £223.92

NatWest: Interest August 2015                                                £2.44


216/15   Bank reconciliation. Resolved to accept the Clerk’s explanation of the reconciliation of accounts to the end of August 2015 and noted that Council’s cash book balances total £80,122.36.


217/15    Statement of receipts and payments against budget for April to September 2015.   Members accepted the explanation for adverse variances on account lines 4045, 4055 and 4442.



218/15    Resolved to accept the proposal that the Chairmen of Council’s Committees should each draw up a simple Business Plan for 2016/17. The purpose is for each Committee to give thought to plans for their projects for 2016/17 so as to facilitate and justify the Budget for that year.


DATE OF NEXT MEETINGS                                                                          

219/15    Monday 12 October 2015.    Parish Council Meeting. 7.30 pm at the Jessel Room

The Meeting closed at 9.20 pm

Anthony Farnfield, Clerk

These Minutes are subject to approval at the next meeting of Council

Clerk to the Parish Council

Anthony Farnfield MBE

copyright © 2015 Goudhurst Parish Council