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Local Government for Goudhurst, Kilndown and Curtisden Green

at Goudhurst Parish Hall on Monday 10 November 2014 at 8.00 pm

PRESENT:    Councillors Antony Harris (Chairman), Ed Bates, David Boniface, Alan Foster, Philip Kirkby, Barry Noakes, Tony Richards, Clive Roberts, Guy Sutton and John Ward.   
Borough Cllr Edmund Hastie (from 7.55 to 8.10 pm).  County Cllr Alex King until 8.35 pm.
11 Members of the Public.

256/14    Apologies for non-attendance were accepted from Cllr John Ward (family illness).  Also Borough Cllr Edmund Hastie.       

257/14    None declared.

258/14    It was resolved that the Minutes of the meeting held on 13 October 2014, copies of which had been previously distributed to Members, be signed as a correct record.

259/14    The Agenda item “On which projects would local residents like the Parish Council to spend their Council Tax on and what would they like Council not to spend money on”   did not prompt any comments.  A copy of Council’s Summary Receipts and Payments for 2012/13 and 2013/14 was available to members of the public.  The Chairman briefly explained that the forthcoming Parish Council budget for 2015/16 is likely to include costs for running both the Balcombes Hill car park and the adjacent public lavatories.  These are considered to be ‘non-performing assets’ by TWBC who has informed Council that they will put them up for public auction if the Parish Council does not take responsibility for them from April 2015.  Other significant expenditure items are likely to be the refurbishing of Goudhurst Pond, the Glebe Field, and the facilities at Chequer Field, the latter for safety reasons.  However, the possibility that the Sunday Amenity Refuse Vehicle service might be withdrawn  seems unlikely to happen in the immediate future.
               Mr Dennis Knight thanked Council for support (Minute 233/14) in establishing the picnic bench at The Plain in recognition of Mr WJC Musgrave MBE for his outstanding personal support for projects in the Parish over many years. Surplus funds from the general appeal to cover the cost of the oak picnic table have been passed to the Old Parsonage Appeal Fund.
               Other questions raised related to the speed of traffic in North Road, the use of ‘siltex’ to improve the quality of the Pond sediment and water, the absence on the website of the Minutes of a Highways Committee meeting, why there is no Local Plan, whether there is any intention to re-introduce Speedwatch in the Parish and finally how much is being spent by TWBC on the ice skating facility in Tunbridge Wells.     
               The Chairman thanked all those members of the public who had expressed their views on a number of issues facing the parish; their comments will help the Council in its consideration of priorities for 2015/16 and the setting of the budget and precept.

260/14    Vacancy on Council.  Following Minute 230/14.  The Clerk reported that the Returning Officer had confirmed that there had been no petition for an election during the period the vacancy had been advertised.  There had been one volunteer who had submitted their name for consideration.  Resolved: that Mrs Angela Broom be co-opted to fill the vacancy in the Goudhurst Parish Ward of the  Council.

261/14    County Councillor Alex King reported that deep cuts continue to be made to the KCC Budgets.  Nevertheless he offered support from his Member Discretionary Budget to assist with setting up Speedwatch once again in the Parish.

The Chairman of the Amenities Committee presented the Minutes of a Meeting held on 23 September 2014.:
262/14    Chequer Field Pavilion.  Following Minute 237/14  and 238/14.  It was resolved to approve expenditure of up to £2,500 to establish two items: 
a.   a small but secure shed at the south side of the pavilion in which Goudhurst United will store their paraphernalia such as footballs, plastic chairs, goal nets and the white lining machine.  
b.   the goal posts, which may no longer be stored in the utilities room of the pavilion, are to be kept securely on the outside north wall of the pavilion.  All of this is part of Health & Safety improvements being introduced by the Parish Council to meet modern required standards.
263/14    Chequer Field Pitch Maintenance.  An inspection of the pitch at mid season has shown that it is not in good condition.  There is too much weed and not enough grass.  Drainage is poor at the south end.  Resolved:  1. to establish a new maintenance contract by Bourne Amenity from April 2015 at a cost of £3,945.00 with a view to improving the playing surface.  2. The Commercial Services Trading contract will not be renewed beyond March 2015.  Meanwhile, Amenities Committee is evaluating alternative mowing contractors.
264/14    Chequer Field Wildlife Area.  On 02 November 2014, Members of the Amenities Committee with the Clerk met on site with a local resident who takes a keen interest in the maintenance of this area.  It was resolved not to cut the grass before November or December 2015.  The local resident agreed to take responsibility for keeping any brambles and self seeded saplings cut back.
265/14    Christmas Lights.  It was resolved not to apply to TWBC this year for a grant for Christmas lights.

266/14    The Ridgway Enclosure.  Following Minute 166/14.  The Principal Conservation Officer at TWBC has agreed to visit Goudhurst to view the dilapidated condition of the graves.  He has indicated that the project to restore them may qualify for grant funding.
267/14    Churchyards Clean Up Day on 18 October.  The Chairman congratulated the participants on a very successful day.

The Chairman of the Business and Communications Committee reported:
268/14    Superfast Broadband and Call Flow Solutions.  Following Minute 239/14.   Recently the Committee had reviewed progress on the contract between Kent County Council (KCC) and Call Flow Solutions (CFS) as it appears from the Parish Council’s point of view.  There is a clear standard to which CFS is expected to deliver within the terms of the KCC contract but there appears to be no formal method of validating performance. After discussion it was resolved to follow the recommendations of the Committee:

  1. That the Regeneration Projects Manager at KCC be asked to give his appreciation of the current position.  The last report seemed to be a reflection of the CFS position statement;
  2. That CFS be reminded that the company had promised to provide an analysis of the performance expected for each Postcode in the Parish and asked to provide it as soon as possible.  If this is not possible for the areas likely to be served by Radio, the expected services to the postcodes served by the cabinets situated in Goudhurst should be asked for as soon as possible;  
  3. Once the two items above are satisfied a monitoring regime be established to ensure that the delivery meets Goudhurst Parish Council’s (representing local residents) and KCC’s requirements as promised in the contract.     

269/14    B2079 Bedgebury Road and Lady Oak Lane Speed Limits.   Minute 178/14 of 11 August and 090/14 of 09 June 14.   Council noted that Kent Highways has agreed to a further design/investigation of the project at a cost of £3,460.00.   This is made up of:

  1. Investigation/design of a speed limit - £1,000
  2. Speed Limit/Traffic Regulation Order - £860
  3. Safety Audit - £600
  4. Consultation of up to 30 residents

It was noted that County Cllr Alex King has agreed to take £2,000 of this on his Members Discretionary budget.  It was resolved that Council will contribute £460 and in addition carry out and take the cost of a Consultation of up to 30 residents. 
It was resolved to note the following Decisions from TWBC and agree the Representations:
270/14    DECISIONS
               None received.   Borough Cllr Barry Noakes has investigated this and has been informed that a new procedure is likely to be implemented by Mid Kent planning Services as further electronic handling of Planning Services is developed.

14/502123       The Mobile Home at Crowbourne Orchard Smiths Lane Goudhurst                  
                        Variation of condition 1 of planning permission granted on appeal (reference TW/10/03904) for use of the site as a permanent pitch by any gypsy.
                        Recommend refusal
                        Since Goudhurst Parish Council submitted its original comments on this application, the description of the proposed development has been altered and GPC has become aware of the government consultation document entitled ‘Technical Consultation on Planning’ which is dated June 2014.  
                        This site has been the subject of 3 appeals.   The inspectors at the last 2 of these, made it very clear in their decisions that the site itself, being in a prominent position in the High Weald AONB, should not form a gypsy site in the long term, but they granted Mr Smith temporary personal consents until the council could find a more suitable site by means of a formal site selection process.   GPC therefore submits that if the site is only suitable as a temporary site because of the particular circumstances of Mr Smith, it is unquestionably not suitable to become a permanent site for any gypsy or traveller.
                        GPC would further point out that the Technical Consultation document makes it very clear that Gypsies who have given up a nomadic lifestyle, should no longer be given any special status in the site selection process.   In view of this GPC urges TWBC to initiate enforcement procedure to remove Mr Smith from the site, together with the various structures and vehicles, and to have the site returned to its former use as agricultural land.
14/502331       Combwell Priory London Road Flimwell                                                         
                        Construction of new Riding Area and Equine Compost Storage
                        Recommend approval.
                        GPC notes the removal of the proposed sand school.
14/502343       Appledowne North Road Goudhurst                                                                 
                        Two single-storey side extensions; glazed front porch; two dormer windows in
                        the front elevation and first floor rear dormer; internal alterations and new
                        balcony to rear (amended application to that approved under TW/13/03608)
                        Recommend approval
                        These amendments will have no greater impact than the already approved scheme.
14/503252       Combwell Priory London Road Flimwell                                                         
                        Extension and alterations to cottage at rear of Combwell Priory
                        Recommend approval
                        Subject to the increase in volume being compliant with policy GPC is content that the application is approved.
14/502508       Marshalls Three Chimneys  Bedgebury Road Goudhurst                                   
                        Replace existing stable block that is rotten with a new one to include lock-up
                        machinery store
                        Recommend approval
                        Since the stables are virtually surrounded by much more prominent farm buildings, the proposed replacement building will have minimal impact on the locality or the AONB
14/502811       Laurel Cottage Ladham Road Goudhurst                                                          
                        Two-storey and single-storey side and rear extensions
                        Recommend approval
                        Subject to the increase in volume being compliant with policy GPC is content that the application is approved.
14/502911       8 Bells Barn Back Lane Goudhurst                                                                   
                        Single-storey side extension
                        Recommend approval
                        This proposal will have minimal impact on the locality, the Conservation Area or the AONB.   Subject to the increase in volume being compliant with policy GPC is content that the application is approved.
14/502971       Combwell Farm Bedgebury Road Goudhurst                                                     
                        Replacement of 12 existing poultry houses with 3 new poultry houses together
                        with associated amendments to internal access roads and planting of around
                        14,000 trees and shrubs
                        Recommend approval
                        Goudhurst Parish Council understands that the existing 12 poultry houses are becoming obsolete and need to be replaced.   The replacement units are fewer, and much larger, but incorporate much improved methods of manure disposal, which should lessen the fly problem which residents in the locality suffer.   GPC welcome the proposed extensive planting which will go a considerable way toward mitigating the impact of the larger units.   GPC further notes that one new unit lies over a public footpath and presumes that an appropriate application has been made to KCC for its diversion.
14/503251       Maypole Farm Maypole Lane Goudhurst                                                         
                        Demolition of existing stables; Erection of new stable range; Erection of new
                        20m x 40m riding arena; Hard and soft landscaping
                        Recommend refusal
                        The drawings submitted with this application are erroneous.   The blue curtilage line does not include land to the north east of the access track which is in the ownership of the applicant.   That area includes a building which it is understood contains 3 loose boxes currently in use by the applicant.   Approval of the replacement stables as proposed in this application would increase the stabling capacity to 8 units.   Since it is understood that the horses are to be kept for the personal use of the applicant’s family, rather than a commercial or breeding operation this would be a considerable over-capacity.    Revised plans should be submitted which show the correct curtilage and the number of boxes which fit the real needs of the applicant.
                        The provision and location of the proposed sand school would appear to be appropriate.
14/503771       1 Hillside Clayhill Goudhurst     
                        First floor extension, porch and roof windows
                        Recommend approval
                        Subject to the volume increase being in compliance with policy and the Conservation Officer approving the impact on the conservation area, GPC is content that the application is approved.
14/503262       WTD Roberts Combwell Priory London Road Flimwell
                        LBC:  Extension and alterations to the cottage situated to the rear of Combwell Priory
                        Recommend approval
                        Subject to the increase in volume being compliant with policy GPC is content that the application is approved.
14/504117       Old School House Beresford Road Goudhurst
                        Alteration and extension to form 2 No four bed semi detached houses.
                        Recommend refuse
                        Goudhurst Parish Council (GPC) is in principle not against the alterations and extension to form two four bed semi detached properties as long as any increase in volume is compliant with policy.
                        The main concerns cover access and parking.
                        The design and access statement gives the reason for the change as a family related need to look after existing family members. This would therefore indicate that a shared access would be appropriate. GPC would therefore prefer access to remain the existing one into Beresford Road.
                        Although the D&S states no known accidents have occurred at this site it is GPC’s understanding that there have been accidents within this vicinity of the Cranbrook Road.
                        The proposed access is of concern as it would be nearer to ‘Tattlebury Corner’, a blind bend, and the Beresford Road access is further away from this bend in A262 Cranbrook Road..
                        The proposed parking for only two cars at each new dwelling would appear inadequate for this size of dwelling.  The submitted drawings,  in GPC’s opinion, give a misleading view of the layout as they show an existing garage and outbuildings which currently have approval for demolition and the construction of a new dwelling.
14/504153       Lidwells House North Road Goudhurst
                        Reinstatement of the front door to existing east elevation with the addition of
                        a porch.  The reinstatement of a north elevation gable to complete the existing
                        ridge line.  Removal of the south elevation porch and substitute a window for
                        the existing front door.  Minor internal alterations
                        Recommend approval
                        Goudhurst Parish Council feels that these changes will give a more balanced appearance to this listed building.  Subject to Conservation Officers approval.
14/504156       Lidwells House North Road Goudhurst                                                             
                        Listed Building Consent: Reinstatement of the front door to existing east
                        elevation with the addition of a porch.  The reinstatement of a north elevation
                        gable to complete the existing ridge line.  Removal of the south elevation porch
                        and substitute a window for the existing front door.  Minor internal alterations
                        Recommend approval
                        GPC feel that these changes will give a more balanced appearance to this listed building.  Subject to Conservation Officers approval.
14/504236       Cedar Gables London Road Flimwell
                        Conversion of former agricultural barn to ancillary accommodation in connection with Cedar Gables
                        Recommend approval
                        Goudhurst Parish Council has no objection to this modest conversion subject to it being conditioned to be ancillary to the residential use of the main dwelling.

272/14    The Car Park  and Public Lavatories at Balcombes Hill.  Following Minute 132/14.  It was noted that Cllrs Ed Bates and Stephen Wickham with the Clerk met the Leader of TWBC Cllr David Jukes and Mr David Candlin, TWBC Head of Economic Development at the Town Hall on 10 November.   This matter could not be considered for any decisions at this meeting of Council, but it was noted that TWBC intend to dispose of both these properties at public auction if the Parish Council is not willing to take responsibility for them.   TWBC considers them to be ‘non-performing assets.  The matter will be considered further for Council’s decision and as part of Council’s budget for 2015/16.           
273/14    CCTV at Goudhurst.  The Clerk reported that the CCTV in the centre of Goudhurst is fully operational.  It was noted that he expects to receive a cheque for £495.00 soon to cover Council’s insurance claim for the storm damaged camera.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
274/14    It was resolved unanimously that the following payments be made:
3508    AVB Farnfield                                      October 14 pay and expenses                                £1,187.65
3509    HM Revenue & Customs                      October 14 PAYE and NI                                        £365.54
3510    Grounds Care and General                     St Mary’s mowing contract October 14                  £1147.20
3511    Pearson’s Landscapes                           The Plain etc maint – October 14                              £81.90  
3512    Peter Watkins                                      PROW maint                                                             £95.00
3513    Paul & Eileen Landon                          War Memorial garden/water trough maint Oct           £70.46
3514    Viking Payments                                  Stationery                                                                £110.29
3515    PF Cusack (Tool Supplies) – E Bates    Traffic Delay signs and frames                                 £154.50
3516    Capel Cottage Nursery – E Bates          Planting at Chequer Field                                           £64.00
3517    KALC                                                  Clerk Finance training 17 Oct                                    £72.00
3518    KALC                                                  Clerk Planning update training 27 Oct                       £72.00  
3519    KALC                                                  Cllr Sutton Planning update training                           £72.00
3520    KALC                                                  Cllr Harris Planning update training                           £72.00
3521    KALC                                                  Clerk’s training Open Government 06 Nov                £25.00
3522    John Brander                                        Tree Work at The Plain & Quarry Pond                  £240.00
3523    David Denton                                      Christ Church Churchyard maint                              £412.25
3524    Dennis Knight                                      Plinth for bench at The Plain                                  £390.00
DDR    Veolia                                                  Burial Grounds bin Oct 14                                        £140.82
DDR    BT                                                       Office phone 212552                                                               £129.38          

275/14    Receipts in October 14      
               Burial Board                                                                      £1,490.00
               NatWest: Interest October 214                                                £2.46
276/14    Bank reconciliation to end September 14Noted that Council’s cash book balances total £72,502.81

277/13    Statement of expenditure and receipts against budget for April to September 2014.   Members noted
               that there are no significant unexplained variations from Budget.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING                                                                            
278/14    Monday 08 December 2014.        7.30 pm in the Jessel Room, Goudhurst Parish Hall.   

279/14    Sgt Ross Shearing of Kent Police will attend the next Parish Council meeting on 08 December.

The Meeting closed at   9.55 pm.

Freedom of Information policy: download policy document (Microsoft Word®)
Clerk to the Parish Council
Anthony Farnfield MBE
copyright © 2014 Goudhurst Parish Council