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For WAR MEMORIALS COMMITTEE see foot of this page

at The Jessel Room, Goudhurst Parish Hall on Monday 10 March 2014 at 7.30 pm

PRESENT:    Councillors Antony Harris (Chairman), Ed Bates, David Boniface, Philip Kirkby, Ms Amy Kneller, Tony Richards, Clive Roberts, Guy Sutton, Stephen Wickham and Mrs Birgitta Wikman.
333/13    Apologies for non attendance were accepted from Cllrs Barry Noakes (holiday) and John Ward (family illness).   Also County Cllr Alex King.   

334/13    There were no declarations of interest or changes to Register of Interests.

335/13    It was resolved that the Minutes of the meeting held on 10 February 2014, copies of which had been previously distributed to Members, be signed as a correct record.

336/13    B2079 Bedgebury Road and Lady Oak Lane.  A member of the public read a prepared statement as Chairman of the Bedgebury Residents Group relating to the recent traffic surveys carried out by Kent Highways on B2079 Bedgebury Road and Lady Oak Lane.  The view of the Group is that:  b)  the survey was totally unsatisfactory and unrepresentative of the true picture of speed and traffic volume on this part of B2079, and b) Kent Highways must carry out a more comprehensive survey along the lines of the Jacobs Report.

337/13    There were no reports from the County and Borough Members..

The Chairman of the Amenities Committee reported:
338/13    Goudhurst Pond - Desilting.  Following  Minute 309/13    Cllr Wickham and the Clerk met with a contractor on 28 February at the Pond.  This contractor, based in a neighbouring parish, has submitted a competitive quotation.  Noted that Amenities Committee awaits a third quote.
339/13    Trees.  Noted that Council has had no response from Bridglands (site meeting 12 December 2013 and subsequent reminder by phone) to quote for work to tidy up the limes at The Plain and the ailing oak at Kilndown Pond.  Resolved to accept a quote of £400.00 from another contractor for specified works to two lime trees at The Plain.
340/13    Chequer Field.   It was noted that Goudhurst United has not been able to play on the pitch this calendar year so far.  Although dry and playable at the north end, the south end remains very wet.  It seems not to be draining well at that end.  The Clerk has asked Agrifactors to visit.

341/13    Love Where we Live Annual Litter Pick Weekend.  It was noted that the organiser of last year’s event has agreed  to organise the event again for 2014 over the weekend of 26/27 April.  He is in touch with TWBC for the loan of the kit and for the subsequent collection of arisings.

342/13    Weed Control.  It was resolved to agree a 2.3% increase in Complete Weed Control’s contract for 2014 over 2013 at both St Mary’s and Christ Church. 

The Chairman of the Highways & Footpaths Committee reported:
343/13    Large HGVs in Goudhurst High Street.   A local resident had addressed the Highways & Footpaths Committee meeting on 25 February on this subject.  He was outraged and proposed that the traffic jams are simply no longer acceptable.  It was resolved to accept the committee’s proposal to raise the matter, yet again, at the next Parish Council/Kent Highways liaison meeting.
344/13    The Goudhurst High St shared areas. The Clerk summarised the position which is that the raised areas on either side of the road are technically highway but are intended to be shared by parked vehicles and by pedestrians.  Vehicles parking on ‘the shared areas’ has the effect of slowing through traffic. It was noted that there have been a number of complaints over many years about pedestrians finding it difficult to walk in the High St at peak times because cars are parking and occupying the entire width of the shared areas.  One Member is particularly concerned about pedestrian safety issues in Goudhurst High St, especially mothers and children walking to and from the Primary School. Various potential solutions were discussed and it was resolved to bring this matter to the next liaison meeting with Kent Highways.
345/13    PROW Way Marker Posts.  It was noted that the Chairman of the Highway & Footpaths Committee is evaluating the advantages of using black plastic way marker posts rather than tanalised wooden posts.
346/13    School Buses.  It was noted that the incident in November 2013 when children were turned off a bus to walk back to Goudhurst had not apparently been properly investigated by KCC with Arriva.  It was agreed that Cllr Mrs Wikman would draft a letter to the Chief Executive Officer of Arriva in order to obtain some action.
347/13    Hop Pickers Line.  The Chairman of the Highways & Footpaths Committee (Council’s representative on the Hop Pickers Line Committee made up of representatives from the Parishes involved plus KCC) reported that KCC is now able to define the route of the proposed bridle way and identify any ‘compromises’.  KCC as the lead partner may submit a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund.
The Chairman of the War Memorial Committee reported:
348/13    Land Registry- Registering the Goudhurst War Memorial land to Parish Council ownership.  Following Minute 318/13.  A second draft statutory declaration had been received from Sue Lister of Thomson Snell & Passmore.  Resolved: that the declaration be approved it and that the Clerk will sign the sworn declaration and return it to Thomson Snell & Passmore for an application be made to the Land Registry.
349/13    Goudhurst War Memorial – Review of the updated spelling of names and the layout of the replacement name panels.   The revised spelling and the layout of panels to 2 blocks of 21 names and 1 of 18 names was approved by Council.  Resolved that the Clerk will instruct Mr Ivor Spencer, the stone mason, to proceed with the work accordingly.
350/13    Fund raising.  It was noted that more that £8,541.10 had been received at the end of February 2014.

It was resolved to note the following Decisions from TWBC and agree the Representations:
351/13    DECISIONS
13/03298         Land Adjacent 4 Shernfold Church Road Kilndown
                        Variation of Section 106 Agreement in order to allow a mortgage exemption clause (TW/91/0613 refers)
                        Granted permission
13/03566         3 Beresford Close Kilndown
Erection of single storey dwelling with associated hard and soft landscaping. Relocation of vehicle access to serve existing property and proposed dwelling
Granted permission
13/03569         Old Park Cottage Cranbrook Road Goudhurst
Light weight link structure to join the two existing buildings, enclosure of the space below existing balcony and associated internal alterations
Granted permission
13/03608         Appledowne North Road Goudhurst
Two single storey side extensions; glazed front porch; two dormer windows in the front and first floor rear dormer; and internal alterations
                        Granted permission
13/03651         The Old Post Office Curtisden Green
                        Demolition of single storey rear extension and erection of two storey rear extension with roof improvements
                        Granted permission
13/03821         Latch Wood Oast Three Chimneys Farm Bedgebury Road Goudhurst
                        Single storey timber framed conservatory
                        Granted permission
13/03866         1 Round Green Cottages Round Green Lane Curtisden Green
                        Detached double garage with treatment room for disabled person and conversion of integral garage to form dining room
                        Granted permission
14/00014         26 High Ridge Goudhurst
                        Re-location of existing oil tank to front of dwelling
                        Granted permission
14/00066         Manor House Barn High Street Goudhurst
                        Listed Building Consent: Open porch at front door
                        Granted permission

14/00172         Chicks Cottage Chicks Lane Kilndown 
                        Retrospective: Erection of close-boarded fence to front and screened by beech
Recommend approval
As the hedge develops the formal appearance of the fence will lessen.
14/00215         Marlingate Oast House Bedgebury Road Goudhurst
                        Replacement of existing car port with single garage
Recommend approval
An appropriately rural structure for this location
14/00222         The Cart Lodge Crowbourne Farm Smiths Lane Goudhurst
                        Certificate of Lawful Development (existing): Use of holiday let as dwelling uninterrupted since 2002
From the evidence and statements submitted, it would appear that the Cart Lodge has been occupied as service accommodation for the main farmhouse rather than independently.   On the assumption that the occupational restriction was imposed because the amenity of the Cart Lodge was insufficient to serve as an independent dwelling, it would seem more appropriate to modify the conditions to rule that the building is ancillary accommodation to the main farmhouse, rather than as a separate dwelling.
14/00244         Amberley House Back Lane Goudhurst 
                        Lean-to conservatory at side
Recommend approval
A modest proposal which will have no impact on the neighbouring properties and limited impact on the conservation area.

353/13    The Clerk reported that he had received a Freedom of Information Act request from an individual in Maidstone relating to a contract this Council has with a grounds maintenance company.  It was resolved that the Clerk will deal with the matter and report any difficulties to Council        

354/13    The Parish Magazine Circulation.  Following Minute 327/13.  It was noted that the Chairman is liaising with the magazine editor, the Vicar and others in St Mary’s PCC regarding the distribution of copies door to door across the whole Parish.  Both Kilndown and Curtisden Green Wards have their own arrangements for delivery: in Goudhurst Ward Councillors will share the distribution and the Clerk will draw up delivery routes.

355/13    Resolved unanimously that the following payments be made:
3378    AVB Farnfield                                      February 14 pay and expenses                               £1,197.57
3379    HM Revenue & Customs                      February 14 PAYE and NI                                       £368.77
3380    Ryman Stationery                                Stationery – spine bars                                               £51.18
3381    CB Noakes                                           Christmas Tree in Goudhurst High St                          £60.00
3382    Paul & Eileen Landon                          War Memorial garden maintenance                            £50.00
3383    St Mary’s PCC                                     Meeting Room hire 21 January and 26 March            £31.50
3384    Pearson’s Landscapes                           The Plain etc maint – February                                  £81.90  
3385    Peter Watkins                                      PROW Maint February                                              £76.00
3386    Viking                                                  Stationery                                                                £147.84
3387    Microshade Business Consultants          Citrix Inv 7523                                                          £51.60
3388    John Brander                                        Lime Trees at The Plain                                          £400.00
DDR    Southern Electric                                 Chequer pavilion energy                                           £172.12
DDR    Veolia                                                  Burial Grounds bin Feb 14                                         £128.76

356/13    Receipts in February 14      
               Burial Board                                                                         £240.00
               Goudhurst War Memorial refurbishment donations            £3,975.00
357/13    Bank reconciliation to end January 14Noted that Council’s cash book balances total £57,765.80
               of which £8,541.10 (£4935.00 net of expenses)  is held on behalf of the War Memorials Committee.
DATE OF NEXT MEETING                                                                            
358/13    Monday 14 April 2014.  The Jessel Room, Goudhurst Parish Hall at 7.30 pm.   

359/13    The following items were noted:
-     NNDR Demand Notices for both the Cemetery (Burial Grounds) and Chequer Field  for 2015/15 are both Nil due to Small Business Rate Relief.
-     Tunbridge Wells Area Committee: Minutes of the Meeting held on 26 February 2014.
-     Review of the Tunbridge Wells Agreement.

The Meeting closed at   9.05 pm.

These Minutes are subject to approval at the next meeting of Council


Notes of a Meeting held on Thursday 27 February 2014 at Goudhurst Parish Hall   

Present:         Cllrs Clive Roberts and Phil Kirkby
Mr Peter Rolington and Mr Roger Joye.    Anthony Farnfield as Clerk 
1 Member of the Public (Mr Richard Dixon)
Apologies:      Cllr Tony Richards

Declarations of Interest:  None were declared.

Registration of the Goudhurst War Memorial Land.  The second draft statutory declaration (attached) had been received from  Sue Lister of Thomson Snell & Passmore and was included with Agenda papers for this meeting.  Noted that there is one minor typo to be amended.  Committee recommends that Council now approves this second draft so that the Clerk can sign the definitive document for Sue Lister to submit it to the Land Registry.

Goudhurst War Memorial – Review of the updated spelling of names and the layout of the name panels. Mr Joye’s draft layout, included with the Agenda papers, was reviewed.  Committee agreed to an adjustment so that there are 2 blocks of 21 names and 1 of 18.  Furthermore it was agreed not to show the marital status of MLP Fitzgerald and not to include WRAF with her name.  Mr Joye will distribute the updated layout (attached) which, when agreed by Council, will be forwarded to Mr Ivor Spencer by the Clerk. 

Fund Raising.  It was noted that the fund stands at £8,541.10 as at 27 February 2014.  It was noted that Cllr Tony Richards is still sending out appeal letters

Refurbishment Contract with Cleverley & Spencer.  It was noted that the contract has been signed and that a 50% down payment has been sent to Mr Spencer.

Local events to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI.  Cllr Phil Kirkby reported that he had attended the KALC Tunbridge Wells Area Committee meeting to represent Goudhurst on 26 February. It had been agreed that Parishes would submit details to the Chairman of that committee details of events planned.  Mr Roger Joye, who is co-ordinating the events for Goudhurst Parish, will compile a list and send it off.

The meeting closed at 7.05 pm

Next Meetings:
Thursday, 27 March
Thursday, 24 April
Thursday, 29 May

Freedom of Information policy: download policy document (Microsoft Word®)
Clerk to the Parish Council
Anthony Farnfield MBE
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