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Goudhurst, Kent. A Wealden hill village

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at Goudhurst Parish Hall on Monday 13 April 2015 at 7.30 pm

PRESENT:    Councillors Antony Harris (Chairman), Ed Bates, Mrs Angela Broom, David Boniface, Alan Foster, Philip Kirkby, Barry Noakes, Tony Richards, Clive Roberts, Guy Sutton, Stephen Wickham and John Ward.  
001/15    Apologies for absence were accepted from County Cllr Alex King.       

002/15    The Chairman reminded Members of their responsibility to any Declarations of Interest on Agenda items for this meeting and any changes to their Register of Interest Declarations..

003/15    It was resolved that the Minutes of the meeting held on 09 March 2015, copies of which had been previously distributed to Members, be signed as a correct record.

004/15    There were no questions from the press and the public.

005/15    Borough Cllr Barry Noakes reported that the Borough Council is largely in ‘purdah’ due to the forthcoming elections.  There is the possibility that Mid Kent Planning Services will revert to separate organisations at Tunbridge Wells, Maidstone and Swale.

The Chairman of the Amenities Committee reported:
006/15    Balcombes Hill Car Park – Transfer of Ownership.   It was resolved to appoint Buss Murton to 
               represent the Parish Council in the transfer of the title of the car park land from TWBC to Goudhurst Parish Council and to register the steep bank to the west of the car park to Parish Council ownership.
               It was resolved to approve expenditure of up to £900.00 for the registering of the steep bank land.
007/15    Goudhurst Public Lavatories at Balcombes Hill - Transfer of Ownership.   It was resolved to appoint Buss Murton to represent the Parish Council in the transfer of the title of the Public Lavatories block at Balcombes Hill from TWBC to Goudhurst Parish Council. The Clerk will take the necessary action.
008/15    Glebe Field.  As previously reported, the Diocesan Land Agent has not produced a draft lease for the Parish Councils consideration despite promising to do so on several occasions.       that the Clerk has written to the Canterbury Diocesan Surveyor and Director of Property Services about this. 
009/15    Annual ‘Love Where You Live’  Litter Pick.  It was noted that some 50 volunteers turned out over the weekend of 28/29 March and the usual surprising large quantity of general rubbish required two pick up trucks to take it away.  The Clerk reported that both TWBC and Cory staff had been most helpful.
010/15    Dog Fouling.  It was noted that 2 notices reminding dog owners of their responsibility to clean up after their dogs have been established on the footpath between the top of Maypole Lane and the Primary School.
011/15    Lurkins Rise Play Area.  It was noted that Cllr Stephen Wickham is taking action to deal with the damaged main gate at this play area.    
012/15    PA System Upgrade.  Following Council Minute 356/14 of February 2015.  It was noted that although expenditure of £975.00 had previously been agreed for repairs and replacement of parts, further investigations had revealed a better solution costing £650.00 and Amenities Committee will go ahead on that basis.  

The Chairman of the Highways and Footpaths Committee reported:
013/15    Footpaths Marker Posts.  It was resolved to approve expenditure of £350.00 to replace a number of old and rotten marker posts with black plastic one that have a longer life.  

The Chairman of the Youth Committee reported; 
014/15    Play Area in Back Lane, Goudhurst.  Following Minute 359/14 of  February 2015.  It was noted that the draft agreement received from St Mary’s PCC was a Licence Agreement for 5 years and this was not as expected.  Members agreed with the Youth Committee that the involvement of the Pre-School Group was not clear.  It was resolved that Cllrs Phil Kirkby and Guy Sutton with the Clerk will meet representatives of St Mary’s PCC to come to a mutual agreement.    
It was resolved to note the following Decisions from TWBC and agree the Representations:
015/15    DECISIONS
14/506683       Little Orchard Church Road Kilndown
                        Extension of existing garage and erection of a porch/lobby
14/505862       Russets North Road Goudhurst
                        Replacement timber windows to front and side elevation
                        Withdrawn by applicant
15/500688       Russets North Road Goudhurst
                        Listed Building Consent - Replacement timber windows to front and side elevation
14/502971       Combwell Farm Bedgebury Road Goudhurst
                        Replacement of 12 existing poultry houses with 3 new poultry houses together with associated amendments to internal access roads and planting of around 14,000 trees and shrubs
14/504441       Royal Oak Garage London Road Flimwell
                        Extension of existing office building to create a reception area and store
14/501266`      Little Bewl Bridge Farm Hastings Road Lamberhurst
1.8m close boarded fence on boundary with A21 (Retrospective)
15/500856       Transmitter mast adj. BT Tower Lady Oak Lane Flimwell
                        The removal of 6 antennas (at 48.15m to top) from the existing BT tower and the replacement thereof with 3 new antennas on new poles (at 48.15m to top), internal equipment changes (not visible) within the ground based cabin and associated ancillary works.
14/506757       2 Bakers Corner Ladham Road Goudhurst
                        Retrospective – Erection of a replacement garage and outbuilding
14/505439       Fir Bank School Road Goudhurst
                        Demolition of existing bungalow and erection of replacement dwelling with addition of subterranean level and integrated garage
                        Refused permission
14/501788       Land adjacent to Three Winds North Road Goudhurst
                        Demolition of redundant farm buildings, workshop and storage, and replace with five bedroom live/work dwelling and associated landscape works

15/500938       Old Post Office Cottage Curtisden Green Lane Goudhurst
                        Single storey rear extension, loft conversion and internal alterations
                        Recommend approval.
                        Goudhurst Parish Council considers this to be an acceptable proposal in this location.  Minimal impact on the local area.  No objections from the immediate neighbours.
15/501194       Rose Cottage Lidwells Lane Goudhurst
                        Construction of double garage incorporating alteration to design from planning permission TW/10/00143/FUL
                        Recommend approval.
                        Modest alterations to the approved scheme which will have no significant impact on the local area.
15/501216       Land off Chequers Road Goudhurst
                        Outline application for a residential development for older residents with all matters to be reserved for future consideration.
                        Recommend refusal.
1.   That part of the Outline application relating to the proposed new vehicle access off B2084 Chequers Road should be considered by Highways officers.  
2.   Goudhurst Parish Council (GPC) does not support this Outline Application for bungalows for elderly residents on this site.
a.   It is outside the Limits to Built Development and the site is not included for development  in the Local Plan.
b..  GPC believes that the site does not qualify as a Rural Exception site; it does not have a mix of affordable and dwellings for commercial sale. Local residents have expressed the opinion that it will be dangerous for pedestrians, particularly the elderly, crossing Chequers Road where the traffic is moving rapidly.  Furthermore the ease of access to Goudhurst Village from the proposed site is not as easy as the application suggests.
c.   It is within the AONB and the bungalows as mentioned in the application are unlikely to blend with the nearby Morebreddis and Tara properties or add to the natural beauty of the area.      
15/501535       La Zia Maria West Road Goudhurst
                        Change of use from A3 Restaurant, A4 Drinking Establishment and A5 Hot Food Takeaway to C3 Dwelling House
                        Recommend refusal.
                        Goudhurst Parish Council (GPC) has noted that application TW/07/03743 was refused by TWBC but subsequently allowed on Appeal in 2008. 
                        Nevertheless GPC is of the view that to allow the change of use would shrink the commercial centre of the village. 
                        Goudhurst is a unique historic village in a conservation area which attracts a large number of tourists throughout the year. Situated on the busy A262, La Zia Maria (more commonly known as Hughenden, its previous name) has been a shop, tea room and restaurant for more than 150 years.
                        Goudhurst has a much larger number of shops and restaurants/pubs than most similarly sized villages.  In this respect Goudhurst does not fit into the hierarchy of settlements as defined in the local plan.  These businesses are well supported by residents and visitors.  La Zia Maria forms an important part of the facilities which make up the Goudhurst ‘offer’.
                        GPC notes that the applicant claims to have parking facilities for 3 vehicles on the premises but Highways officers may like to comment on the absence of any dropped kerb at the relevant point on West Road.   In addition, the parking of vehicles on the land/driveway proposed by the applicant would have a seriously detrimental impact on the visual perspective of the pond and key visitor attraction of the village”
15/501577       3 Beresford Road Goudhurst
                        Loft conversion with rear dormer and addition of velux window
                        Recommend approval
                        Modest alterations, which will not lead to overlooking of neighbouring properties
15/501719       Lady Oak House Lady Oak Lane Flimwell
                        Construction of Garage
                        Recommend approval.
                        Subject to the views of the conservation officer on the impact of the proposal on the listed setting, Goudhurst Parish Council is content that the application is approved
15/501727       Lady Oak House Lady Oak Lane Goudhurst
                        Listed Building Consent: Construction of Garage
                        Recommend approval.
                        Subject to the views of the conservation officer on the impact of the proposal on the listed setting, Goudhurst Parish Council is content that the application is approved
15/501551       Flimwell Radio Station Lady Oak Lane Flimwell
                        Installation of 0.3 Airwave Transmission dish on existing steelwork 
                        Recommend approval.
                        A modest addition to the structure which will have minimal impact on the locality or the AONB
14/504117       Old School House Beresford Road Goudhurst                                                   
                        Alteration and extension to form 2 four bedroom semi-detached houses – additional information in response to KCC Highways comments
                        Recommend refusal
                        Whilst recognising that the proposed new access directly onto Cranbrook Road may provide adequate sightlines, Goudhurst Parish Council (GPC) is concerned regarding the impact of this scheme on the immediately adjacent Conservation Area and the EN21 and EN22 designations.   GPC further wonders if Highways have recent traffic speed data which would support (or not) the applicant’s highways consultant’s assurances on traffic speed.

017/15   It was noted that Michael Bennett, our webmaster, has refreshed and reorganised the presentation of the website in consultation with the Clerk.
               It was resolved to accept his proposed fee for 2015/16 (no increase over 2014/15) together with some de minimis sums for extra website capacity to assist the Clerk with publicising Council documentation under the Openness of Government Bodies Regulations. 
               Mr Bennett had reported to The Clerk that the website had 1,164 users in the past 31 days, viewing 5,974 pages, with an average of 3.84 pages per person.  34% of visitors were new to the site, 66% were returning visitors.  Search engines and all robots have been excluded from these figures.    

018/15    It was resolved unanimously that the following payments be made:
DDR    BT                                                       CCTV + Broadband High St – Parish Hall                 £174.60
3572    AVB Farnfield                                      March 15 pay and expenses                                  £1,044.91
3573    HM Revenue & Customs                      March 15 PAYE and NI                                           £323.60
3574    Groundscare & General Services           St Mary’s mowing contract Mar 15                       £1,147.20
3575    Complete Weed Control                      Weed Control at St Mary’s and Christ Church          £576.00
3576    Paul & Eileen Landon                          Goudhurst War Memorial garden maintenance           £40.00
3577    Peter Watkins                                      Christ Church grounds maint and PROW                  £104.50
3578    Microshade                                          Citrix invoice 8139                                                    £51.60
3579    KALC                                                  Annual Membership 2015/16                                £1,008.48
3580    Michael Bennett                                  Website services contract 2015/16                           £840.00
3581    AVB Farnfield                                      Photocopying Council’s archive of essential docs      £65.60
3582    EJR Bates                                             Anti- Dog Fouling signs                                              £75.00
3583    Kent County Playing Fields Assoc        Membership 2015/16                                                 £20.00
DDR    E-On                                                    Energy to The Plain light and Kilndown phone kiosk £11.16
DDR    BT                                                       Office telephone and broadband                                 £86.00
DDR    Veolia                                                  Burial Grounds bin March 15                                    £144.54

019/15    Receipts in March 2015      
               Burial Board                                                                         £850.00
               NatWest: Interest March 2015                                                £2.32

020/15    Bank reconciliation to end March 15Noted that Council’s cash book balances total £65,847.37
021/15    Statement of expenditure and receipts against budget for April 2014 to March 2015.   Presented by the Clerk. Members noted      that there are no significant unexplained variations from Budget.
022/15    Internal Audit Check.  Members noted that Cllr Guy Sutton (not a cheque signatory) had carried
               out an Internal Audit Check on 30 March 2015.  There were no matters of concern. 
023/15    Bank Signatories.  It was resolved that the authorised signatories in the current NatWest mandate, for the accounts detailed in section 2, be changed in accordance with sections 5 and 6 and the current mandate will continue as amended.

024/15    Goudhurst Parish Council.  It was noted that 8 candidates had filed applications for the Elections to be held on 07 May 2015:      1 Candidate for 1 seat in the Curtisden Green Parish Ward, 6 Candidates for 8 seats in the Goudhurst Parish Ward and 1 Candidate for 3 seats in the Kilndown Parish Ward.
               The Election will therefore by uncontested.                                                             

DATE OF NEXT MEETINGS                                                                          
025/15    Thursday 14 May 2015   Parish Council Annual Meeting.  7.30 pm in the Jessel Room

The Meeting closed at  8.45 pm with a modest celebration to thank those Members who are retiring at the forthcoming elections.


Clerk to the Parish Council
Anthony Farnfield MBE

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